Lectures  (french only) starting March 8th 2018

1- From Impressionism to Contemporary Photography: understanding modern and contemporary art. Become an enlightened amateur.

2- Why is Impressionism considered a revolution in painting? The role of Chatou and its island.

3- Impressionism, or color as the one and only compositional tool. 

4- Fauvism: when Matisse, Derain, and Vlaminck set nature ablaze. From Maison Levanneur to landscapes in the south of France.

5- Photography and painting: an ongoing dialogue. Developments from painting to art photography: from Nadar and Le Gray to Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman.

6- Inventing the art market: galleries and collectors at the time of Impressionism and Fauvism.

7- Cubism: a new take on the world.

8- Futurism and Expressionism: two vanguard movements for all aspects of art. 

9- The emergence of abstract art from Kandinsky to Malevich by way of Mondrian. Boundaries and renewals in painting.

10- Painters and sculptors, from matter to thinking and the other way around: from Auguste Rodin to Henry Moore. 

11- What about conceptual art? Why collectors continue to prefer buying traditional media. From Marcel Duchamp to Jeff Koons. 

12- The survival guide to buying art: 10 “keys” for orientation. 

13- The lasting presence of painting, from the Schools of New York and London (Pollock, Rothko, Bacon, Freud) to Neo Rauch and Peter Doig.

14- Land Art and Arte Povera: unsettled, elusive art.

15- The survival guide for art collectors: 10 “keys” for orientation.

16-Painting today: 10 headline-making artists

17- Pop Art: from the beginnings (Warhol, Lichtenstein) to current times (Koons, Murakami)

18- The survival guide for art investors: 10 “keys” for orientation.

19- Sculpture today: 10 headline-making artists

20- Contemporary art in France from the 1960s to today

21-Photography today: 10 headline-making artists

22- 10 committed collectors today, from Los Angeles, to Paris and Beijing

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