Shawn Huckins


'Happy Go Lucky'

From October 4th to november 17th

Shawn's artworks are a form of synthesis between reflection and pictorial effects. Its humoristic, ironic relationships, allow the viewer to access his work's conceptual complexities.

"The'panic paintings' are icons/symbols from today’s technology driven society that may cause anxiety/frustration. I wanted to contrast how minuscule these ‘panic’ items are compared to what actually matters and has purpose and to those genuine ‘panic’ moments that people suffered centuries ago. This show will comprise of text and panic paintings."

Galerie Bessières-Shawn Huckins-'Princesse de Broglie-I've waited a long time to be disappointed by someone like you'-Acrylic on canvas-2019-183x137cm.jpeg @galerie Bessières (2).jpeg