Contemporary art in the office


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Your company wants to buy contemporary art?

100% of the cost of the acquisition is deductible from the taxable result

Article 238 bis AB of the CGI

Conditions : 

  • Buy original artwork from a living artist
  • Deductible amount limited to 0.5% of revenu
  • Deduction in 5 equal fractions (20%) per year over 5 years
  • The company must exhibit the works to public or employees


 Crédit photo : Marguerite Papatya

Crédit photo : Marguerite Papatya

Your company wants to Privatise the Gallery?

Partnering with us means : 

  • Support artists in residence
  • Privatize the space for your guests
  • Be invited as VIP for our pre-openings
  • Get free Access to Conferences
  • Be visible on our media

Please, feel free to contact us for any further information : 

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