By moving beyond a diametrical opposition between geometric and lyrical abstraction, Stephen Ormandy handles abstraction in a refreshing manner. The artist did not only pay constant attention to form and color, but also places value on emotional contact with people viewing his work. His approach represents an ideal equilibrium in painting today.


Stephen Ormandy (1964) lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He studied at University of New South, College of Fine Arts Wales. He has got a Bachelor of Arts.


His artworks are exhibited in different collections as the Artbank, The Sir William Dobell Art Foundation, Powerhouse Museum National Gallery of Victoria Art Gallery of Western Australia. Also in galleries as Olsen Gruin New York Olsen Ormandy Survey Show Hazelhurst Regional Gallery-PKM Gallery Seoul Circuit 12 Contemporary Dallas-Sydney Contemporary Olsen IrwinSulman Art Prize finalist AGNSW London Art Fair Olsen Irwin Digital Organic, Olsen Irwin Olsen Ormandy: The art of Dinosaur Designs, Karen Woodbury Melbourne, Olsen Irwin, On the table: Still lives Sydney Contemporary Stand D103, Olsen Irwin Regroup, Olsen Irwin Works on paper, small paintings and sculpture Object Gallery Sydney

Smart Works, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney 2006 Freestyle, Melbourne Museum Sydney Tokyo Designers, Block, Sputnik Interiors, Object Gallery, Sydney Design House, Felissimo, New York Ecologic, Powerhouse.